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Knowledge from Knowledge Representations

💡 The textbook I’ve referred here is Artificial Intelligence[1].

Characteristics of a good representation

Semantic Networks 🕸️

There are three guards and three prisoners who need to cross a river. The boat only holds two people at a time, and the prisoners must not be allowed to outnumber the guards on either side of the river; otherwise, the prisoners will overpower the guards and, well, the story will come to an abrupt end. Determine the smallest number of trips to safely transport all of the guards and prisoners across the river.

Example of a Semantic Network

The problems consist of visual geometric design with a missing piece. The test taker is given six to eight choices to pick from and fill in the missing piece. The missing piece will complete the horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns that exist in the problem.

Example of a Raven’s problem. Image from wiki.
A complex semantic network representation of a 2x2 RPM-like problem.

Frames 🎞️

Frame representation for “Matt and Steve took a green pig to the forest”



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